What’s your opinion about not having an opinion?

Some don’t have an opinion and it’s perfectly fine. It’s ok to not care about how a person looks different from the other day. If they look darker, if they look fairer. It’s the feeling that counts and not the outer appearance.

The other day, I was at a friend’s engagement ceremony and everyone had an opinion about her makeup and about her complexion. It was as though, they were called at a beauty pageant. My opinion was asked and yes I did have one but it was not so important to me and I was quick to let go of the same thought as everybody else did.
The ceremony was about an engagement of two beautiful people. They invited everyone to celebrate their happiness with them. It was not about my friend’s makeup, it was not about how dark or fair she looked, it was her happiness being sealed with the rings of engagement.

The talks about her makeup were still alive the next day and my opinion was asked to which I replied vaguely. I said yes, she did look a bit darker but she looked good and …. Just as I was still contemplating on how to convey my thoughts, I was already remarked as being too diplomatic.

All I want to say is that it’s ok to not have an opinion that doesn’t match anyone else’s. People need to stop caring so much about appearance and more about how beautiful this world can be without their judgemental attitude.

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