Born on Christmas Day

The best laughter in the world comes from a baby.

Aren’t they? This beautiful Christmas season is just truly magnificent. Every aspect of it talks about baby Jesus becoming a saviour.

Everytime I see a baby, a smile comes upon my face. I could be in the worst of moods but a baby can take me away from all the pain.

Is it just me or the reason that the mother within wants to soon manifest?

But the beauty of a child rests within my soul and my heart yearns for one. I could probably keep thinking about why children are not spared during wars or why babies are cruelly killed but I could never come to a conclusion about the inhumanity behind it all.

They’re playful and love with all their heart.

If Christmas has a reason for celebration, it also has a reminder to share. Let the children come, for they represent the Kingdom of God and their faith is true faith exemplified.

This Christmas, be the child that God wants you to be for we never know when the time may come to be blessed with the laughter of a baby and happiness childlike. 

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