Let the drama begin!

Like most events, this was a beauty to remember. I enjoyed the ambience, the food was delicious, and the service was great. A spicy treat is the path to my heart. The Chicken Biryani was divine and I was drunk with food. 

Celebrating my birthday with family is what makes it special. To top it all, each family member has something unique to add to the scene. The father has to state his opinion, no matter what the degree of bluntness. The mother has to enjoy herself, no matter what the mood. The birthday girl has go along with whatever comes, no matter what the cost. It’s a Tamasha of colliding perspectives. The drama truly unfolds here at the table where the waiters smile on you as you revel in the choices of food.

Lower Parel, Mumbai

The best part is, my birthday steps in just two days before Christmas. So decorations welcome me with beautiful LED lights. Christmas at this fine place got me stoked. I love dim lights and when they’re coupled with decorations, there’s just a romantic melancholy to it which makes it absolutely beautiful. Have a look at the rest of this place. 

The ceiling brought down the stars

Visit with friends and/or family but when I say family, I mean, members who appreciate dim lights and don’t complain about not being able to read the menu card.

As you can see, there’s an envelope of mixed feelings ready to spill out with my imagination. Can I bring this moment to life? But it already has with all the stars hanging by the ceiling, I have no complaints. The music has me shazaming every beat. The food has me biting more than I can chew. It was not a pretty site. My foodie self has no manners. This place has been rightly called Tamasha because that’s what it brought to the table – drama which translates as Tamasha in Hindi.

As the beats of all the songs that played created waves with every tapping foot, there was one more thing left to do, walk around Tamasha to feel the drama unfold at every table. 

Food is one to bind us all together and if it tastes great then the foodie within will come back for more. That’s just what I intend to do.

Until we meet again for another unlocking experience. Poet Unlocked signing off!

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