6 Reasons Why Writers Should Make A Resolution To Never Come Cheap

Quality speaks for itself but clients need to understand one thing very clearly. If you want your work to stand out, then bargaining with writers to an extent that is criminally low is going to cost you.

I may not have too many followers right now….. yet but I still need to get the word out and across those who know the struggle of being a writer. Please share this article with as many writers as you know because this can help them gain perspective about how they need to charge their clients.

Writing is not just putting words across a piece of paper. Without thought or strategy, content cannot be made. If it were otherwise, your business wouldn’t need us. You could have done it yourself.

It’s really sad when clients promise to pay you but don’t get back once you’ve submitted with the quality class content they required. Approved or not, you have taken the services of a writer who has put her or his mind into it with the challenges of planning or research, insight and input and most of all, precious unretrievable time. So, paying them for their content comes without saying.

So, my advice to writers who are starting out:

1. Please do not succumb to lower charges just because you are starting out. You are going to be putting in the same amount of effort as the next experienced writer, only without experience but the efforts count. You may charge a lesser as compared to experienced writers which is fair to your client but do not charge too low so as to being unfair to yourself.

2. Charge your clients with an advance payment because they clearly underestimate writers and are ignorant of any writer’s worth. Many don’t get back after you have submitted your content. So, once the advance cash rolls into your account then work on your content. It’s a hard bargain but it’s worth it.

3. If the client insists on paying lesser than expected, they clearly think that it’s a piece of cake, your work means nothing to them as long as they get it done. Maybe they cannot afford a writers’ charges but to be fair, the client is going to gain profit from the content published on their websites or banner ads or magazine articles, etc, and to add to it, the writer won’t be gaining a continuous flow from every sale the client makes in their business after several promising customers have made a purchase by reading the content, which the writer so eloquently wrote.

4. With due respect to the client who thinks that feedback comes because they are paying, rightly so. The client has the right to demand for corrections in the content but not to the point where the writer has made a hundred corrections time and again and the client just can’t make up their minds about the kind of content they want. I would suggest the writer to keep forth this condition while sharing their payment package details that major corrections will be charged and minor ones can be forgiven. However, do define to the client what you mean by minor and major corrections.

5. Never go by the client’s urgency. If they expect quality, they need to respect a writers’ space and therefore plan content brief accordingly with the writer. If the writer has been given space and time for writing the content, only then will quality qualify for the client’s payment.

6. Lastly, a good quality writer puts his or her heart into the content generated. Every word, every phrase, the flow, the research, the grammar, the order of each sentence, they all add up to unmatchable quality, and when clients exploit a writers’ desperate need for earning from their passion, then why should writers spare their clients? 

Do my words sound harsh to clients? I am certainly not appologetic about the harsh experience I encountered with clients who do not appreciate a writer for the role they play. I am not against clients per se but there is a point that needs to be made. A writer should not be robbed off their earnings just because a few naive businessmen want to cut costs on words that possesses a price of invaluable quality.

So, to all the writers out there, please know that you are more worthy and the highest level king and queen of content. Never sell yourself short just because people may come up to you and make you feel like you asked for their kidney.

Make your worth known because nobody else is going to do it for you.

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